Archbold Internship Program

  • In Ecological Research, Environmental Education, or Land Management at Archbold Biological Station or Buck Island Ranch
  • Post-Baccalaureate, Graduate, or Undergraduate Levels
  • Conduct Independent Research or Train in Land Management or Education

Would you like an internship that offers the opportunity for you to be trained in a superb field station setting, to design your own independent project, and provide you with real-world experiences and challenges?

Some Things You Should Know

  • Interns receive a stipend, room, and board
  • Typically, interns spend 50% of their time working for the lab and 50% on an independent research project
  • Availability, duration and start date of internships varies among programs
  • Most internships run 6-12 months
  • Contact and apply directly to the program you are interested in (see list below)
  • Research materials are provided
  • You may be able to get credit from your home institution
  • You will be responsible for travel to Archbold/BIR
  • Volunteer internships may also be available

Internship Opportunities are available by Contacting Specific Programs

Internship opportunities and training environment for specific programs can be found by following the links below:

Highlights of Our Internships

  • Living and working in a superb field station setting
  • Participating in a lively intellectual atmosphere with many scientists and interns
  • Designing and completing an independent research, education, or land management project
  • Benefitting from Archbold’s strong tradition of mentoring interns and helping to publish their results
  • Gaining relevant preparation for graduate school
  • Building critical skills (field methods, statistics, presentations, writing, project management, public education)

Archbold's Post-Baccalaureate Internship program is one of only a few programs in the United States that allows recent graduates to gain research experience before they commit to a graduate program. See "The Postbac: One or two years that make careers," in Science Careers, from the journal Science, (10 Aug. 2007), that features Lauren Sullivan, Archbold Plant Lab intern

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Lauren Sullivan
Lyndsey O’Polka, 2007 Education Undergraduate Intern from Clarion University, with Poser
Livvy Jones