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Buck Island Ranch

One of our most productive and successful core research sites, Archbold's 10,500 acre Buck Island Ranch, is home to the Buck Island Ranch. Buck Island Ranch and BIR contributes vital understanding towards sustaining working lands and subtropical ecosystems in Florida, and around the globe.


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Worldwide Grassroots Science

Collaboration is increasingly a key to successful science and conservation. The Nutrient Network (NutNet) is bringing together grassland researchers from around the world. read more

Fire ants and floods

The region of South America where the imported fire ant originated is largely flat and subject to seasonal flooding. When fire ants were (accidentally) brought to Alabama and Florida, they got off the boat already adapted to their new home. read more


  • Seminar Dr. S. Luke Flory "Drivers of the long-term Population and impacts of invasive plants" Time: 15:30

  • Public Event Kevin Main "Rare Plants and Fire: A Hike through Rosemary Scrub" Time: 08:00

  • Public Event Dr. Reed Bowman "Natural History of the Florida Scrub-Jay" Time: 08:00

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